Social Media

Buzz Engine understand the importance of social media and how to make it work for your company. The reason why social media can no longer be avoided is simply due to numbers. Facebook surpassed one billion users globally in 2012 while Twitter users passed the 500 million mark. When analysing internet usage for 2012, market analysts Nielsen found that social networks account for the bulk of time on the web. Basically social media is of vital importance because that is where your audience is located. You need to harness the power of the main social media platforms and create lasting engagement with them.

Cheaper Advertising

Advertising has been altered because of the growth of social media, with traditional channels now being used less. Social media costs less because it is a pre-existing platform, so companies can depend on a free sign-up fee. Should they choose to, companies can now run advertising campaigns through Facebook to target new customer. In fact, Facebook is currently cheaper than Google AdWords, with some of the most popular keywords now running only for very high prices. It is possible to save on advertising spend or even to afford to run more campaigns by directing AdWords resources to Facebook.

Get Them to Listen

Outside of the paid advertising available on social media platforms there are cheaper methods at your disposal. Platforms like Twitter are great for encouraging interaction through running contests that encourage them to post on your account page. Regular contests can help to demonstrate your generosity, especially if you give coverage to the winner afterwards. In the future the size of your audience can increase from users sharing contests and promotions on their social media pages. Now that you have their attention you can start to insert company information because they will be more willing to listen.

Service Opportunity

Social media platforms are of great benefit to companies that utilise them to improve communication with their customers. For instance, customers can direct queries to the Facebook page and then a service agent can resolve the query in a timely fashion. Equally as important is that people can share negative criticism about your company directly with users on social media platforms. It is important to be active on the platforms and ready to turn around any negative press before it comes to the attention of a global audience.

Only the Most Relevant Platforms

There are a number of different social media platforms in existence, with sites like Instagram and Pintrest now relevant alongside internet heavyweights Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. With so many platforms present it can be difficult to know exactly what each has to offer. The social media optimisation (SMO) experts here at Buzz Engine have extensive experience and knowledge from working with an array of platforms. We will perform a specific evaluation of your company and form a strategy that will only use the most relevant platforms to what your site needs. Buzz Engine will demonstrate to you the clear benefits of working with the platforms that we have identified and what they can do for you.