Social Media Campaigns

There is a large variety of social media platforms at your disposal, with new ones seemingly cropping up every couple of months. In spite of the growing pile of platforms, there are still just a few that will be of real use to your company. In total there are six different social media platforms to consider, with a couple of them even categorised as ‘must use’ (Facebook and Twitter). In a moment we will cover all of the platforms that we can offer social media optimisation (SMO) services to.

Desired Goals

But before we go through all of them we need to explain that SMO can help your company to achieve a number of different outcomes, all of which will point towards increased traffic as the ultimate benefit. At Buzz Engine we have a seasoned team of social media experts familiar with intricacies associated with using each of the main platforms. Our SMO team will lean upon knowledge and past experience to help your company achieve your desired goals out of the following outcomes:

• Build a following
• Create buzz for new product launches
• Engage with customers
• Increase brand awareness


Work with us and we can optimise all of your Facebook content while also improving the relevance of company information. Engaging posts can build your audience and increase the number of ‘likes’ on your page. Facebook also gives you the ability to advertise and also analyse statistics.


Twitter is the ideal platform for establishing a position as a key voice within your industry. Build followers over time and these numbers will vindicate your position at the fore of the industry.


Google+ is a worthwhile platform because Google dominates with its search engine. Followers can be acquired and analysis undertaken with Google’s excellent software tools. Google’s hangout locations can be used to communicate effectively with clients.


Videos can play a key role in search engine results, so it makes sense to have an account at a video hosting site owned by Google. Host all your videos here and share them on other social media platforms


LinkedIn is a tremendous business to business environment where organisations and professional bodies can communicate. This is also a useful platform for clients to acquire specialised individuals for their workforce.


Where YouTube covers you for videos, Pinterest can provide a photo sharing platform. Written content can also be added to the images that you share, giving opportunity for SEO writing techniques and to communicate with users.

How We Can Help

Buzz Engine can help you to develop an overall social media management plan that incorporates all or some of the aforementioned platforms. Members of our team can manage your account at the platforms to which your company is a registered, dedicating more time than anybody in-house could. Because of our past experience we know how to integrate social media effectively with internet marketing and SEO techniques to provide the complete package. Buzz Engine understands the importance of presenting a clear brand images across all internet communications.