SEO Consulting

We can provide your company with SEO consulting services from our team of experts. SEO consultancy is ideal for when you already have a dedicated in-house team working this area. Buzz Engine can step in from to time to provide key input to help guide your SEO strategy and practices. Often it can be helpful for an outsider to step in and provide insight from a clear head, and that is what our consultancy clients appreciate. We can also help your company to improve SEO performance by working with your team to evaluate current activities and suggest new approaches. Our consultation services extend to the following areas:

  • Brand development
  • Conversion analysis
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Reputation Management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media

Buzz Engine can be contracted long-term or else on a project by project basis depending on your situation and budget. We have previously worked with various types of companies in different scenarios. Below is further information on what we can offer you through our SEO consulting services.
Large Companies
Companies operating on a global scale will inevitably have the resources to employ at least a small team dedicated to SEO. While monetary resources are not anobstacle when employing the teams, we have often found that advanced knowledge can be difficult to acquire. Buzz Engine can respond to address this by consulting with internal teams to pass on advanced SEO knowledge to help them function better. In addition, we can also work with them to develop more complex SEO strategies specifically needed to bring about even better results. Our experts have had considerable success in the past from working with global clients on this basis.

New Companies

Buzz Engine can work with companies from the moment they are first launched on day one. From the outset we can guide new companies and encourage them to develop a comprehensive competitive analysis followed by a plan of action. The advantage of contracting our services in this instance is that our experts can help you to avoid any missteps. Plus, it would eliminate a scenario whereby you are learning from your mistakes. In the current global economic climate you need to hold on to all the resources that you can. Buzz Engine will help you to minimise wastage and start you off with a successful SEO strategy.

Helping with Re-launches

Inevitably a time will come where your company decides to evaluate the present state of the website. Such evaluations are necessary for all websites because all will start to appear dated over time without design upgrades or a complete revamp. Some sites that elect to undergo a complete revamp will already be performing very well in search results and are risking negative performance by changing. However, they are also risking a decline in users engaging with the site by not upgrading. Buzz Engine can consult with you throughout the revamp of your site to ensure that performance in search engines is not damaged. Our team has advised on a number of revamps and have great experience in this field of SEO consultancy.