Search Engine Optimisation

Buzz Engine can provide you with the search engine optimisation (SEO) services necessary to deliver results. The team at our disposal has a proven track in boosting domain authority through SEO techniques to work in-sync with your social media strategy and content marketing. At Buzz Engine we pride ourselves on delivering exemplary service to all of our clients, while at the same time achieving visible improvement in search engine rankings.

Our Process

The practices of SEO have been cleaned up by Google over the past couple of years, with a natural and thorough approach now yielding better results. Buzz Engine has responded accordingly to the changes and now we have the following approach:

  • Google updates – Regular updates are made to Google’s search algorithms and it is important to know what these are
  • Link building – Obtain backlinks to your site from relevant respected sites
  • SEO content – The content on your website can be optimised as well as external content for publication on other sites
  • Site alterations – Keywords can be altered at your site and the page speed increased
  • Social media – Use social media pages to direct more traffic to your site

Bespoke SEO Strategy

All sites that we work with are different from one another, with factors like geographical location, name and keyword all contributing to create different challenges for Buzz Engine. We understand that each strategy we develop for our clients has to be customised to their site in order to produce the best results. Our team will be happy to work with you and discuss your exact needs to develop the best strategy for your situation. During this consultation we will take on board your views to tailor a strategy that will work and that you are happy with.
Our principled approach to SEO has been vital in our ability to achieve impressive results for our clients. It has taken time for us to refine our processes, but along the way this has allowed us to understand SEO to a deeper level than when we first started the company.
Working with Buzz Engine makes complete sense because you will be leaning upon the knowledge of a team of seasoned experts in the SEO realm. You can save yourself time by making the decision to partner with us, as opposed to learning the pitfalls for yourself. Buzz Engine will guide you in the right direction and help you to achieve your SEO goals.

Ethical Guarantee

As mentioned above, SEO practices have now been cleaned up. Google altered its algorithms so that ‘black hat SEO techniques’ could no longer be used to falsely inflate a site’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs). Dated techniques like hidden text, keyword stuffing and paid links will only lead to sites getting punished by Google, sometimes even financially for breaching ethical codes. During work for all of our SEO clients we constantly evaluate our practices to ensure that we are operating within Google’s guidelines and to the utmost integrity.