Search Engine Marketing

Buzz Engine provides search engine marketing (SEM) to improve the search engine performance of your site through both search engine optimisation (SEO) and advertising. We can send more traffic in your direction through paid advertising and searches along with integrated PR. Our team can lend its services to help your site in the aforementioned areas. By contracting just Buzz Engine to help with your site’s SEM, you can maintain complete control over the strategy and avoid confusion. Multiple parties handling different aspects of SEM would only result in a muddled approach.

Advertising Revolution

Google AdWords has revolutionised the world of advertising in the past couple of years. Companies can simply signup for Google AdWords and start creating pay per click (PPC) campaigns in minutes. AdWords gives them the chance to target the keywords most relevant to their site, helping to make campaigns more relevant. Historically advertising agencies have been approached to create campaigns over a variety of different mediums, but these were altogether more time consuming. Online advertising now lets companies get started with campaigns quicker than ever before and often at a lower cost.

Savvy Advertising

Online advertising has been a revelation for websites, but through its development a new problem has emerged. The price of using the most popular keywords in PPC campaigns on Google AdWords has increased substantially. Now the most popular keywords are dominated by massive sites that have the budget to pay large sums of money for each click. It is all too easy to waste resources on using overpriced keywords, and that is exactly what Buzz Engine can help you avoid. Our team can help you find cheaper though still relevant keywords to help stretch resources further. Buzz Engine can work with you to ensure that all advertising resources are allocated shrewdly.

Landing Pages

The quality of your landing page plays a vital role in the performance of online advertising campaigns. Although PPC is now more expensive on Google, you can offset this by increasing the favourability of your site. Google prefers to send PPC traffic in the direction of high quality landing pages, so always strive to ensure that yours measures up. Content needs to be updated regularly to maintain relevance and the keywords should be the same as those that you focus your adverts on. Come to Buzz Engine and you can ask us to have a look at your landing page and suggest improvements.

Public Relations

SEM activities should also include public relations, with articles, press releases and blog content regularly distributed to key sites within web-based media. All content will be written with SEO techniques and will help to drive traffic to your site. Buzz Engine has great relationships with key media sites and we can use these to boost the exposure of your PR content and improve visibility.