Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook surpassed an incredible milestone when it announced in 2012 that it had more than one billion users, a truly staggering figure. The world now has a population of more than seven billion people, and now one seventh of those can be found on Facebook. A vast potential customer base is waiting on Facebook for companies to come and tap into. Figure out how to reach them and your site could drastically increase web traffic and subsequently increase sales. Additionally, Facebook can also be used to build the reputation of a website on the global stage.

Vast Customer Network

Major changes have occurred at Facebook, with the social media platform having been adapted to provide companies with advertising opportunities. This is fantastic for sites that want a new alternative to the high priced keywords of Google AdWords. In addition to cost, Facebook is a hugely appealing advertising platform because everyone knows that it gives companies access to a vast network of potential customers. All of the users have entered personal information that helps to form demographic profiles that can be used to benefit your advertising campaigns. If you specify gender, age and geographic region for adverts, you can have confidence that Facebook will reach them.

Monitor Performance

Buzz Engine is in a position to help lead you through the new world of Facebook advertising and develop highly effective campaigns. Our social media and PPC specialists can manage your Facebook advertising accounts and present you with in-depth results and analysis. We will be able to tell you exactly how they are performing and what you can expect in the coming months. You may not have the time, resources and man power to devote to performing these activities in-house, but we do. Buzz Engine can help you to address these needs and deliver excellent value at the same time.

Past Experience

Internet marketing is an ever expanding area and Facebook advertising represents a very new step. For most companies this is an unknown step that they have no experience with. Thankfully, however, Buzz Engine does have considerable experience in Facebook advertising, even at this very early stage in the game. We can help you to steal a march on the competition and start building a target audience, as well as sending leads in the direction of your company website. Facebook advertising is another available opportunity to succeed in business.

Utilise Our Expertise

Buzz Engine initially began managing Facebook advertising campaigns because we realised there were tangible benefits for our clients, such as the opportunity to increase revenue and exposure among customers. The move into Facebook advertising was relatively because of our past work with social media management for our clients. Our social media experts have spent a considerable amount of time analysing Facebook users at a variety of pages. This experience enabled them to work out the most effective ways of reaching and engaging with customers through Facebook advertising. Wewould be happy to share our social media optimisation expertise with your company.