Content Creation

The logic of today’s news and media ecosystems is tilted toward satisfying users’ interests, preferences and appetites for certain formats. People choose what they pay attention to, and how they do that. The fundamental platform for this user control is Web search, and Google continues to lead.

In order to achieve optimal visibility at the most basic level — that is, a strong presence in search results — a website or webpage must impress Google’s online indexing, which uses advanced methods for detecting content of high quality, relevance and real value. That is the kind of content that delivers SEO results today.


Original Writing

Google’s indexing technology is learning how to recognize original, high quality text that is likely written by competent native-English writers. Its search results can filter out misleading, irrelevant, spurious or sloppy content developed by those seeking unfair advantages in rankings alone (for commercial gain).

That means, in turn, that content of the kind we produce, of originality and value, which is composed in correct English and designed for a fair search result ranking, has gained traction and natural search exposure online.

For those reasons, Buzz Engine uses strict standards to select experienced writers, all native-English speakers who each have deep knowledge of the subjects that are germane to our client’s businesses. This is the soundest, most accepted way to achieve excellent rankings from Google or other search engines.


Adapting with Search

Google and rival search giants are constantly honing their technology, driven by formulas and programs, as well as bots that survey the entire Web. SEO content producers therefore must adapt to Google search algorithms in an on-going way, which is why Buzz Engine studies these trends.

For instance, a recent update of one of Google’s search algorithms, called Hummingbird, demonstrates unprecedented awareness of both high quality content and specious, dishonest or erroneous text. This means that the modern adage ‘content is king’ has never been more true. Today, it is more precise to say ‘quality content is required’ for top search engine rankings.


Value of SEO

The value of good SEO content and the real visibility it delivers is not only an exceptional marketing method, it is an advantage that no business can afford to forfeit through inaction. The way to achieve top rankings is known, and Buzz Engine’s own strategies have a proven track record — we can help you realise SEO goals.

Solid, accurate search rankings is, in some respect, now a general public expectation of any Web property, since it is perhaps our strongest indicator of legitimacy and value. How each Web presence (each business) cultivates its brand using this honest search platform and online public exposure is, of course, a more complicated objective. Yet rankings by top search engines will remain a benchmark and proper foundation for all successful business marketing.


Diverse Content Expertise

Buzz Engine produces customised SEO content within a variety of markets. We specialise in matching our producers’ knowledge and skills with clients’ online content needs.

For example, we serve clients who promote online gaming, including games of skill and lighter fare (in a market worth billions). Our media in this market provide players with trustworthy recommendations and information.

We also produce carefully researched material pertaining to retirement investment strategy, which includes the selection of the best type of IRA by those planning ahead for the fiscal realities of retirement. We have promoted gold-backed IRAs in particular, in response to the fact that general interest in this investment strategy is increasing.

Another service we promote, rehabilitation from addiction, is a lucrative service industry with steady growth and social importance. As with these examples, Buzz Engine is poised to engage new topic areas and markets, with the ability to organise talented producers experienced in those realms. We produce SEO content from within each of our client’s markets and it is tailored for their audiences.

The fact that we continue to handle such diverse content requirements confirms the skill and adaptability of our team of writers and consultants. Those are the qualities demanded by SEO content creators, in an online landscape that evolves rapidly along with regular and accelerating technological breakthroughs.


SEO Content Ensures Results

High quality SEO content has the capacity to bring coherence and confirmation to many other, even conventional, forms of marketing and advertising. But beyond extended benefits from SEO, we encourage clients to think of search-engine rankings as a fundamental aspect of doing business (replacing older practices like ads in paper directories).

From a marketing perspective, literally anything can be built upon a stable ground of excellent search rankings. The bottom line today is that outside validation from Google or other engines is a necessary key to conducting strong online business. A top search ranking leads to more complex, more meaningful interaction with the audience — which ultimately leads to better profitability.