Added Value Online

Buzz Engine’s expert consultants make sure that our clients’ site are absolutely search engine friendly. Be it by building stellar landing pages to fit the latest algorithm updates, or by providing cutting-edge original content, we make sure that our clients’ sites are optimised to the nines. However, in order to truly make a lasting online impression and boost your website to the top of the search results page, your site needs some added value.

In addition to the services mentioned above, Buzz Engine sets itself apart by also concentrating upon helping clients offer various forms of added value to their Web properties, because this engages visitors longer and invites further interaction.

What must be understood is that Google and other engines analyse many different indicators of a site’s worth, usefulness and relevance. One important indicator taken into account is the length of visitors’ stays when they explore a top-ranked search result.

Holding visitors’ interest longer goes hand-in-hand with SEO content: the two essentially are the same. But sometimes it is effective for a Web destination to offer the audience extra features (such as social networking built-in) or entertainment (such as games) that is value added for more types of visitors.


Game Sourcing

When it comes to delivering an inviting game, Buzz Engine is positioned ideally with extensive knowledge of online games that offer a moment of amusement to visitors. This applies both to those who are just pausing for fun before continuing within a website, and, those who may click away afterward. Both cases benefit the host website in terms of search rankings.

We are in a position to recommend trusted entertainment and gaming sources, with awareness of the best-in-class games. Buzz Engine also provides options for the presentation of these gaming options in easy formats. We deliver a comprehensive service for clients who stand to benefit from this kind of inviting rich content.


Game Logic

Beyond the mechanics of encouraging longer visitor stays by installing games or other rich content that boost this particular factor of search rankings, the logic and branding potential conveyed by the presence of a game is of subtler value — but nonetheless significant.

Certain businesses, brands and Web destinations can bolster their branding messages — particularly with regard to the brand’s voice, tone and personality — by including a gaming option that helps visitors relax and get into a playful mood. That atmosphere is conducive not only to longer stays but also heightened loyalty, trust and attraction.

For example, a simple tile-matching game with certain high-interest themes can be tailored to the audience. Today’s online gaming marketplace is very rich indeed. Added to that, the WWW’s recent global code upgrade enables hosting games or video content within the browser window (without need of plugins like Flash) further empowers the use of this fair, enriching and effective SEO strategy.


Relationship Marketing

For many online businesses or businesses that integrate a Web presence with more traditional formats, the name of the game is not merely establishing a sales pipe or selling a product.

Success at retaining a loyal brand following and responding to buyers within that community, while at the same time reaching out to new customers, has become a matter of making relationships.

The social networking revolution, as well as the online gaming renaissance (growing wildly on Facebook, in turn) are movements toward more sharing and the growth of online relationships — which has distinct advantages over conventional or offline marketing and advertising.

Part of the current situation has to do with the rise in demand for safer online venues, and, greater security from online criminal threats. The flip side of this demand is the invaluable trust that can be cultivated when a brand is adopted and followed by the audience. Loyalty and attraction have never been as closely related, never as important to develop for sustainable business growth.


Fun is Good Business

Even clients who may not have imagined offering a game or another form of added value to boost search rankings can, in certain cases, reap tremendous rewards if this step is done right.

Buzz Engine is a leader in creating novel forms of interest-generating content, integrated with SEO practices, which enhance other marketing efforts. We help clients inspire their customers’ loyalty, which is required to excel in a Web-powered global marketplace.