About Us

The Buzz Engine team possesses nearly twenty years of combined experience in getting measurable marketing results, and return on investment — particularly for clients in the online gaming industry. Our in-house knowledge and skills can handle the vast range of online marketing, search optimisation and content-design issues that our clients bring us to solve.

The online projects that our experts carry out entail close attention to a client’s needs, followed by the design, launch and management of effective content-creation and search-discovery strategies.

Our native-English writers understand the relationship between the high-quality, relevant, fun and useful content they produce and the newest trends in search-engine technology, which highly ranks originality and quality.

Today, online content also must be adaptable for social media contexts. This often means that we produce tailored content, including games and info-graphics, which help users understand messages faster and more clearly.

Our team’s specialty with online gaming providers and consumers serves a rapidly expanding marketplace; it also allows us to help an even wider variety of clients with similar requests.

Improve Web Presence

Web presence is not increased without offering some excellent services. Buzz Engine provides a number of different services that can be integrated for impressive results:

    • Brand and reputation management – We help clients to hunt out poor reviews from internet users and attempt to remedy the situation
    • Consulting services – Our team can consult with new companies or existing ones to provide additional expertise to develop more advanced strategies
    • Paid search – Make your advertising resources go further with guidance on how to operate shrewdly when using advertising networks like Google
    • Search engine optimisation – Streamline your site and its external content so that it performs better in search engine results
    • Social network presence –Build an audience by communicating directly with users on social media platforms
    • Web design – Consult with our Buzz Engine to plan optimised landing pages or when redeveloping existing sites
    • Customised online content production
    • Native-English writing staff
    • Knowledge of diverse online markets
    • Ongoing study of Google products and search trends
    • Strategic selection of social media channels

Buzz Engine operates with the scope to help out in all aspects of your internet marketing. Take a moment to look through our site and learn more about all of our services. You can get in touch with a member of the team through the Contact Us page.


Buzz Engine is made of:


Eric Pearce – CEO

As our founder and CEO, Eric Pearce uses his M.A. in business management and in-depth field experience to direct the expansion of Buzz Engine. Eric’s eight years of experience in managing online marketing for the gaming industry provides constant focus for his team and for our clients.

Adam Barney – Senior Marketing Manager

Adam is well positioned at Buzz Engine as our Senior Marketing Manager because he draws from his B.A. in Psychology paired with three years of experience as a copywriter and game developer. That knowledge has been crucial to his success over four years, managing online projects for the gaming industry — now, he applies his energy to marketing.
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John Earl – Marketing Director

Being a Marketing Director, as you would expect, John specialises in social media, in step with the online world. He commands a B.A. in Communications and Digital Media, and two years of experience in managing effective projects in the Web-based gaming marketplace.

Ben Dunn – Marketing Director

Ben rounds off our team with a B.S. in Marketing, drawing from 3 years of experience coordinating and carrying out online projects for clients active in the online gaming space. Since games are becoming a fixture on the Web, Ben’s acumen responds to our clients’ objectives for delivering this type of entertainment content.

Joanna Cooper – Content Director

Joanna excels in the role of Content Director at Buzz Engine by making full use of her B.A. in English literature. Great skill with language makes her our in-house expert in this medium. Joanna’s background has enabled her to gain two years of experience as an editor. She also applies two years of experience as a Content Director serving the gaming industry.